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The Secret meaning behind "By Heart"

Self Disclosure- I tend to be very impulsive sometimes. I see impulsiveness as one of these things in life that is a clear blessing and curse.

When I feel something- many times I first go for it, and then, only then, I do all the thinking.

If even.

As a curse, impulsiveness got me into some silly trouble before. (small example- I was getting so excited to be able to join a roommate on her business trip to Shanghai, that I bought a flight ticket minutes after only to realize that my Visa to China is expired. There was not enough time to renew it, so I had to cancel my ticket and lose decent money).

As a blessings, impulsiveness helped me to strengthen my faith and trust in myself and in the universe and see some real magic that will reveal itself step by step after making the impulsive decision or act.

That's what happened with The name 'By Heart'.

It felt like it chose me more then I chose it.

I didn't quite understand it fully at first, and even noticed that other people were giving me a bit of hard time about it. But it clung on, and there was do doubt. I trusted.

Trying to make sense out of it, I thought "of course I must have the word 'Heart' in my name". I pray to be led by my heart always, especially in this work where all I care is that my clients feel as loved and cared for as possible.

And so, when we know something by heart, we don't need to think about it too much. We know it so well and completely that it comes from memory. It's there.

That's how I feel about intuitive work. There is no need for thinking. Just connecting inward and upward and the memory or the knowing is just there.

Alright, so there was that, the seemingly logic meaning.

Then one night, I realized that for some reason, it's very important to me to keep the "B" of the word by, and The "H" of the word heart, capitals.

If you are Jewish or know much about Judaism- you may see where this is going...

The secret meanings were being revealed.

The combination of B"H in English (ב"ה in Hebrew) is written at the head of letters and documents, and is used to describe a few things: "Baruch Hashem" (blessed is God),

"Be'ezrat Hashem" (with the help of God) and also "Beshem Hashem" (in the name of God).

One of the prayers I love so much in Hebrew is- "Beshem Hashem Na'ase Venatslyach" which means- "In the name of God we shall do and succeed". I feel that it's short and simple and sums it all. I know I'm a human. And as one, I sin and I have faults. But if I surrender to God/universe, and act in it's name, there is only going to be true unconditional love channeled. Be'ezrat Hashem :)

Well of course I felt very grateful and happy I listened to my impulsive nature, that turned out to be a big blessing this time.

Another secret revealed itself some time after.

One of my clients gave me a beautiful feedback after one of our sessions. She said: "What you do is art. And it's an art that you have refined".

She made me ponder.

YES. Touch IS art.

Art is anything we do to express and channel our true self. Higher self. Divine.

Touch, if done intentionally, is another form of expression of the divine through us, the vessels.

By Heart. By he art. By his art. By God's art.


God is in the details.

May we always seek to find Him everywhere we look.

To God, love, magic, impulsiveness and revealing secrets.

Daniel Gabay.

By Heart.

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