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What to expect when coming in for a session ♡ By Heart

I believe in creating a full experience in everything we do.

We only live once,

So if we do something,

Let's make sure we do it right.

From beginning to end.

Once you set your appointment with me through email, text, whatsapp,

my website or a phone call,

your session begins.

Subconsciously, you start to prepare. Healing is in process.

On the day of the appointment you arrive into Ocean Beach and continue to

4789 Narragansett Ave, 92107.

You find a parking spot on the street (usually there is no problem) and find my studio right behind 4783 (a dog grooming place) in the alley to the right.

Once you arrive you will be offered some water and to use the restroom.

You will then sit and soak your feet for about 10 minutes in a complimentary warm foot bath with Epsom salts, flowers blend and a clear quartz crystal.

The foot bath allows you a moment to settle in, arrive and decompress. Your feet are getting strong attention which helps to ground. To be less in the head and more in your body.

I wrote Instagram and Facebook posts about this treatment and it's benefits which you can find here:

And here:

Every session will start with a foot bath, unless you've asked otherwise, so make sure to plan for about 10 minutes extra to your session.

In your first session, while your feet are soaking, we will fill up a "New client intake form" together to get to know you better.

The foot bath time is your time to share what is it I can do for you.

What do you need today.

is there anything to focus on

And also share any other thing that comes to mind and you feel like sharing.

This is a safe space.

After the foot bath I will leave you to undress to your comfort level, and if it feels right to you, you have the option to pull an oracle card from the open deck, after undressing and before getting in the bed. Get a little insight and more intention for the session.

Here is some more information about the cards from an Instagram post:

During the session I will be using hot towels, Essential oils and other treats.

At the end of the session you will have the option to pull another oracle card that will serve you as a guide to life ahead.

Get the full experience...

Holistic. Wholistic.

Before you leave, you will drink some more water,

May book your next appointment,

Pay in forms of cash, check, venmo or zelle,

Get a bag of one cup of complimentary Epsom salts for your bath, if needed and possible,

and a sweet kind snack bar for the road :)

Before you are leaving to your next destination, I always recommend to pass by the ocean or sunset cliffs, if possible, and enjoy some more time to process and transition.

We are all about the full experience...

If you enjoy writing your thoughts I also suggest to bring your journal with you.

I hope you feel clearer about what to expect when coming in for a session ♡ By Heart.

As always, I am here for any questions, reflections and concerns,

And until the next time....


and Blessings for my heart to yours 🙏🤍

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