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Shalom & Blessings

Healing is a life long journey. 

Would you agree that it seems as though there is always something going on, and always something to heal?

The great news are that it gets better and easier as we grow.

Life is a journey of trials, errors, learnings, corrections, expansion, emotions, experiences, cycles...

Life is beautiful

and challenging.

Life is easy

and hard.

Life is Light

and dark.

Life is Yin

and Yang.

The wisdom is to acknowledge and accept that it is always both,

To constantly find the balance between the two polarities,

To connect to yourSelf and God so deeply, that even when you feel your body shaking from life turbulences- you know that this is perfect. 

Peace with what is.

And definitely find good support along the path.

That's where I get in the picture.

My intention is to help you relax and Heal your Body, Mind and Soul through therapeutic touch, from the inside out.

There are 2 types of pain: acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is when we have an injury, sprained joint, torn ligament etc. we stretched too much, we fell...

The other type is Chronic pain. Our bodies store emotions, experiences, traumas, memories and when these are not processed properly and released, they become blockages. Energetic blockages that manifest in the body as chronic physical blockages, knots, tight muscles and pain.

My intention is to sensitively and intuitively find these blockages and together as team work, to help release them.

I graduated in 2017 from IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork) and ICOHS (International College of Holistic Studies) from almost 2 years of training as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner level 2. 

I combine different modalities and techniques like Circulatory, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Sensory repatterning, Trigger point therapy, etc. Each session is different and is specific for a soul and a time. 

I use hot towels, crystals, essential oils and oracle cards to create an experience that is as Holistic and as Healing as possible.

If you are ready to heal- healing will occur. Come when you are ready :)

Sending you Blessings of Peace, Healing, Love and Joy Always.

Daniel Gabay, "By Heart"

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