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Services By Heart

Swedish Massage

Circulatory Massage By Heart

Also called Swedish Massage. Using light to medium strokes to promote relaxation for the body, mind and soul. 'Circulatory Massage By Heart' helps to increase circulation of body fluids, reduce tension and stress, and promote wellbeing, clarity and sleep.

60 min = 100$

90 min = 130$

120 min = 170$

Deep Tissue By Heart

Deep and slow strokes to get to the deepest layers of the muscles to find what I call the 'source knots' in the muscle tissues, combines with guided deep breathing to open the flow of troubles areas.

Great for chronic pain, recovery from injuries, reducing muscle stiffness and inflammation, helps to drain toxins, improve posture dysfunction and reduce stress and tension.

60 min = 100$

90 min = 130$

120 min = 170$

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Focused Massage By Heart

This shorter session was added for clients that have acute or chronic pain in a specific area ( feet, arms, shoulders etc. ) and in need of a focused treatment and/or maintenance.  

45 min = 85$

In-Home Massage By Heart

How nice it is to be able to jump in bath, shower or bed right after your session?

I will arrive 10 minutes prior to our session to set up the space and treat you in the comfort of your home.

Choose you session from above and add

50$ for traveling fees. 

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