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Recent Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

I've come to By Heart with Danielle for multiple massage sessions, each one was amazing and just what my body needed at the time. I'm so happy to have finally found a local massage therapist who is amazing at what they do!

Elizabeth U.

Daniel gave me the most indulgent, relaxing, and beautiful massage experience I’ve ever had. It began with a lovely foot bath, and a brief discussion where she talked about her practice. She intuitively knew where my pains were, and it felt like she read my mind as the process continued. She also treated me to some Reiki (which I had never had before). It was a nurturing, healing, and truly beautiful experience.
So grateful to have found you and I look forward to seeing you again, Daniel.

Veronica P.

Danielle is above and beyond the best masseuse I've ever had. Having lived abroad and traveled the world, I've been to some of the top rated spas, but nothing compares to the service that Danielle provides. She has a gift unlike no other. From start to finish, her attention to detail and passion to heal shines through. As a world finalist competitive ballroom dancer, I'm constantly pushing my body to its limit and nursing injuries. Danielle's magic touch has allowed me to continue to dance and compete through it all. I'm beyond grateful to have found Danielle and highly recommend her to everyone I know.

Dana M.

I have had the best massage experience here, I have come here for prenatal massages and postpartum massages. Thank you Danielle for your magic touch that is hard to find elsewhere. This place is a gem, I would recommend healingbyheart to anyone.

Rachel W.

From the soothing aromatic scents and calming sounds to her Daniels’ radiating energy. My experience was amazing. I felt positive healing vibes all around that stayed with me all day. I followed her recommendation to go to sunset cliffs and sat there reflecting and taking in the amazing views and sun. Truly spiritual and very powerful energy flow!
I highly recommend you see her if you are open and wish to heal from the inside out

Rona K.

Danielle is just wow. Her hands are magic, she really feels your body and knows exactly where to focus. I keep coming back and am always satisfied, recommended her to so many people and they always come back raving about their experience. Thank you Danielle, for being so attentive and just amazing at what you do!

Stav S.

Danielle Gabay is an intuitive and very sensitive massage therapist. I appreciate the way she connects the mind, body, and soul in her practice. Every massage is a unique and extremely positive experience.

Wendy V.D.

I am so blessed to have met Daniel. She is always very mindful and intent with her massages and care. She truley loves what she does and cares for her clients well being. Whether I see her for an injury or for self care, I always leave feeling 100% better. She is a blessing!

Naddine J.

Danielle is my favorite massage therapist because she always knows exactly what i need. She is great with understanding the body and also energetics. I loved how she creates the experience from start to finish! I highly recommend her!

Rae I.

Danielle has constructed an open and accessible container that enables deep relaxation needed for healing the body and spirit. Her intuitive massage is world class. I came to her with many issues stemming from strength training and snowboarding. She was able to put my body into a state where it is able to heal itself. Deep gratitude for her and highly recommend.

David M.

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